We have been made aware of an issue with The Ticket recordings. It seems to happen towards the end of some, not all, segments where it’s cut off anywhere from 5-30 seconds and goes straight to commercials. We were just notified today of the issue, but have been told it started last week. We’re trying to find where this is happening, but it seems it could be something on the other end of the stream. Our end has zero clue when the segments end, so the fact it is happening at the ends of segments tells us it’s something with their stream we’re using.

Apologies, but we’re working on it and hope to have it resolved quickly.

UPDATE 1 – This definitely is “NOT” a uSave.it issue. This is happening on other streams of The Ticket’s and apparently happening on the Sportsday app as well. One customer said he’s been talking with Cat (program director) about it so they’re aware of it as well. Hang in there P1’s, it’ll get resolved … I hope!